Electroneum cloud mining IOS

How to earn up to $ 3,- US dollars each month using this Electroneum cloud mining IOS guide.

For the Android (Google  version) click here.
After initial setup (which takes 10-15 minutes) it just takes 5 minutes of your time each month.
Making this Electroneum cloud mining IOS guide interesting for everyone who earns less then $ 36,- US dollars an hour.

What do you need to get started with this Electroneum cloud mining IOS guide.

  • Apple device (mobile or tablet)
  • The Electroneum app from the App store

What is forbidden

  • Using more then 1 device a person (can result in loss of your coins)
  • Trying to register more then 1 account on electroneum.com (can result in loss of your coins)

Get an extra 1% worth of Electroneum (ETN)

To get an extra 1% on top of your normal Electroneum (ETN) earnings u will need to complete all the steps in this guide.

Let’s get started with this Electroneum cloud mining IOS guide

Download and install the app click here and accept the required permissions.

Electroneum app Apple ios app store

After installing the Electroneum app click on the green button as shown in the pictures below to sign up for a new account. Fill in your email address and choose a password, make sure to keep these login details in a safe place. Accept your country or change it to the right country. Afterwards you will be inside the app where you can ACTIVATE CLOUD MINING by clicking the blue button as seen in the last of the 4 pictures shown below.

Sign up for an Electroneum account Use your email and a new password to sign up for your new Electroneum account. Confirm your county in the Electroneum app Welcome to Electroneum

Settings to complete inside the electroneum app

After clicking on the blue “activate cloud mining” button at the bottom you will have to verify your age first. after accepting to be over 18 years the app wants u to verify yourself (just like normal banks do). continue using the blue button at the bottom and make a selfie as explained inside the app, when completed click on the blue finish button as shown in the last picture below.

Verify your age inside the electroneum app Let's get acquainted with electroneum. Make a selfie for the Electroneum app. Succesfully uploaded your selfie to Electroneum.

Activating your Electroneum account

To activate your wallet click the blue button in the middle of the app. First setup a pin code of your choice, then confirm your email address with the code you received at the email you provided earlier, fill in your personal info, accept the security notifications, and proof you are human by completing 3 captcha’s. For each completed step you get 5 free ETN coins. See the images below for more clarification.

Activate your Electroneum wallet. Steps to activate your Electroneum wallet.

Final action to receive 1 percent more ETN

After activating your wallet click on GENERATE MORE ETN you will see the first of the below images then. To get rewarded with 1% more ETN coins use 1 of the 2 blue buttons to either scan the QR code or fill in the code 568E54

Generate more Electroneum ETN. Enter referral code for 1% more ETN. Electroneum referral QR code

Thank you for reading this guide and hopefully using the referral code from this page.
More information about Electroneum ETN can be found using the menu on top of this page.

What todo next

All that is left todo now is to keep Electroneum cloud mining active.
On the main page inside the app you see a bar with remaining time left which has a maximum of 7 days. Between 0 and 6 days the button below the bar will become green which means you can extend your cloud mining time to the maximum of 7 days again.¬† All u have todo now is make sure cloud mining won’t stop by extending your cloud mining time to the maximum of 7 days before time runs out.

that’s it, if you completed all of this and keep the cloud mining active u should receive $ 3,- US dollars worth of coins each month. These coins can go up or down in price just like normal stock markets do. So after a year your monthly received coins in the first month could be worth $ 3,000.00 US dollars or $ 0.003 US dollars.

Usually the more people use a coin the more it gets worth. So spread the word and share this page so together we can make this a great coin for everyone and all can benefit from it.