Buy Electroneum (ETN)

How and where to Purchase / Buy Electroneum (ETN)

Buy Electroneum (ETN) from a number of online exchanges. Each exchange will offer different methods of paying for ETN. On this page we created an overview of the different options.

Electroneum (ETN) can be purchased using various payment methods and currencies:
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Easiest way to buy Electroneum (ETN)

Directly buy from a registered company, click on your desired company within your region to buy ETN and have the coins delivered fast to your ETN wallet.


Buy Electroneum (ETN) from Coinspot.
  • 1% fee per order.
  • Coins delivered in your wallet within minutes.
  • Pay with Australian Dollar.
  • Deposits via POLi Payments and BPay.



Pro’s Cons
Fast and easy More expensive (Fee from x% to x%)
No learning curve Document uploads needed (For KYC etc.)
Very safe Minimum ammount to buy for most parties.

Buy Electroneum (ETN) directly from personal Sellers

To buy coins directly from sellers Bisq is the way to go with support for many Coins and easy to use programs for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS. Install the program for your device and start buying ETN directly.

Program downloads

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android (Can only be used to show info about your trades, needs to be paired with computer application.)
  • IOS (Can only be used to show info about your trades, needs to be paired with computer application.)
Pro’s Cons
Buy directly from sellers. Security deposit needed of 2% of buy order.
Normal learning curve. Lack of account protection functions such as 2FA.
Buy ETN without scanned documents uploaded. Supply of coins comes usually with low volumes.
P2P marketplace available around the world. Maximum trade limit of 1 BTC (Bitcoin) per trade.
Use your own pricing strategies. 0.3% buying fee exluding mining fee with minimum of 0.00005 BTC (Bitcoin).

Buy Electroneum (ETN) using exchanges

Exchanges are for professionals and offer options like strategies for buying and selling.

Buy Electroneum (ETN) from KuCoin.
  • Fee ranging from 0.0125% to 0.1% depending on trading volume.
  • Android and Iphone app.
  • Google 2FA authentication
  • Bonus and referral programs
  • Very good Beginners guide
  • Expert options also available


Pro’s Cons
Use of trading strategies. Document uploads needed (For KYC etc.)
Lower fees. Usually u need higher ammounts to start trading.
Fast execution of orders. Can take several days upon account creation before u can start trading.
Automated trading available. (Trading bots) Isn’t suitable for non professionals